The symptoms causes and treatment of infant colic

Twice as many infants have colic if their mother smoked during pregnancy.

Could Your Baby's Crying Be Colic?

Most do not produce symptoms. The belly is sometimes distended or prominent, the legs alternating between flexed and extended straight out; the feet are often cold and the hands clenched. However, it has been found to cause breathing difficulties, seizures, weakening of the muscles, loss of consciousness, and coma in infants.

It is normal for the baby to bring up some milk. If sanitation, hygiene and other practices relating to diarrhoea are to he improved, change must come from within the community. As one of our health workers said: Mothers usually dry their hands on their clothes. If no cause is identified, diagnosis of colic can be made.

Resources are also limited and clinics cannot deal with the large numbers of children with diarrhoea who could be treated effectively at home if families knew what to do.

This type of handwashing is very common and occurs before going out, or receiving guests at home. This means bottle-feeding with hypoallergenic formula if the baby has been bottle-fed, or a dairy free diet for the breastfeeding mother.

Baby colic

It is generally believed that if one or both parents were colicky, their baby is more at risk. Soothing strategies may include: Studies in Brazil 1 and Sweden 2,3 compared mothers who had contact with their infants shortly after delivery, and for extended periods during their hospital stay, with a control group of mothers.

All infants cry for various reasons, including hunger, cold, tirednessheat, or because the diaper needs changing. The authors would also like to clarify a point made in the article by the DD editors: Keep your baby standing as often as possible.

Record the timing, duration and associated signs. In fact, young neonates are given water which is often collected from unsafe sources, and it is this contaminated water which frequently causes diarrhoea and associated fever.

Try to keep a positive attitude. You always have the right to refuse treatment. How do you cope when your baby is crying?An infection by intestinal parasites can be prevented by: Hand washing with an antiseptic soap before eating and after using the toilet, particularly after a bowel movement, is imperative in preventing infections.; Cooking food at high temperatures kills all parasites.

Colic in Babies: Signs, Causes and Tips for Parents

Partially cooked meat or raw meat are high risk foods for passing on these parasites. When your healthy baby cries without a reason is the main symptom of colic.

We all know crying is natural in infants. When an infant cries, you can look for obvious some causes like hunger or discomfort, which does not indicate colic.

WebMD explains the causes, symptoms, and treatment of gastritis, a common condition in which the lining of the stomach becomes inflamed and irritated.

If you are sure your infant is suffering from colic, there are concrete steps you can take to relieve the symptoms of your colicky baby. Therapies include changing your baby’s environment and diet to direct internal treatment.

Abdominal colic is a term used to describe severe spasmodic pain in the abdomen caused by distention, obstruction or inflammation.

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In adults, the spasmodic pain may appear suddenly or. Colic Solved: The Essential Guide to Infant Reflux and the Care of Your Crying, Difficult-to- Soothe Baby [Bryan Vartabedian] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers.

For generations, doctors have been diagnosing babies with colic, offering little comfort and few solutions to worried.

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The symptoms causes and treatment of infant colic
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