Charlotta bass

When she realized the true scope of influence the media possessed, Bass redoubled her efforts to use the Eagle as a tool to fight for the rights of African Americans.

Among the committees Kefauver chaired was the House Select Committee on Small Businesswhich investigated economic concentration in the U. In serving one's fellow man one serves himself best.

These stories are about Americans - people just like you - who have made a difference and changed the course of history. It strikes my people hardest because North and South Negro workers earn less than half of what white workers earn.

Charlotta Spears Bass

Her later years were devoted to politics. Her voice was soon joined by African-American papers throughout the country. Ina new editor Joseph Bass joined the Eagle. In a tight reelection race against former Illinois Representative Everett DirksenLucas urged Kefauver to keep his investigation away from an emerging Chicago police scandal until after election day, but Kefauver refused.

This did little to slow her political ambitions, however, and inafter nearly 40 years as the managing editor and publisher of the Eagle, Bass sold the paper and began preparations for what would be her greatest challenge. We fought a war to end fascism whose germ is German race superiority and the oppression of other peoples.

Sometimes it was simply making a person feel unwelcome. As a member of the House during President Franklin Charlotta bass. Later Career Inafter almost 40 years at The California Eagle, Bass sold the newspaper and began to prepare for a run for vice president on the Progressive Party ticket.

But when it ended, we discovered we were making Africa safe for exploitation by the very European powers whose freedom and soil we had defended. This made Bass the first African-American woman in the country to own and run a newspaper.

In the s defense jobs were available and blacks came to L. In particular, he backed the controversial Tennessee Valley Authority and was best known for his successful bid to rebuff the efforts of Tennessee Senator Kenneth McKellar to gain political control over the agency.

She was the sixth of 11 children, but not much is known about her childhood. With Charlotta working as managing editor, the couple used the newspaper to vehemently attack racial discrimination and segregation.

She was the running mate of lawyer Vincent Hallinan. Kefauver's success—despite his liberal views—was predicated largely on his support by the Nashville Tennesseana consistently liberal newspaper that served as a focus for anti-Crump sentiment in the state.

In her weekly column "On the Sidewalk", begun inshe drew attention to unjust social and political conditions for all Los Angeles minority communities and campaigned vigorously for reform.

After Neimore's death, the paper's new owner put Spears in charge. For I know that my kingdom, my peoples of all the world, is not beyond the skies, the moon and the stars, but right here at our feet—acres of diamonds—freedom—peace and justice—for all the peoples if we will but stoop down and get them.

In her autobiography, she writes that she visited him during his illness, and he asked that she keep the paper alive after his death.

They combatted such issues as the derogatory images rampant in D. In she was a founder of the Industrial Business Council, which encouraged the development of black-owned businesses and sought nondiscriminatory employment practices.

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She relocated to California in for health reasons. No record shows that the two Charlotta bass ever met, but in both served on the Sleepy Lagoon Defense Committee, a multiracial group that fought for the release of several Chicanos convicted of murder by an all-white jury making Bass and Moreno part of the same "constellation" of struggle.

One of her earliest battles was with the entertainment industry over the production of D. Kefauver did support the civil rights program generally, and was a consistent supporter of organized labor and other movements considered liberal in the South at that time.

He taught mathematics and coached football at a Hot Springs, Arkansashigh school for a year before going on to Yale Law Schoolfrom which he earned an LL.Charlotta Bass, VP Candidate, Progressive Party Ticket,next to Vincent Hallinan, the Party's Presidential Candidate Los Angeles newspaper owner and political activist Charlotta Bass began her career as a conservative Republican.

By the s, however, she moved to the political left. In. Charlotta Spears Bass was a journalist and activist who, as editor of the California Eagle, championed African-American equality and freedom. Born on February 14,in Sumter, South Carolina Born: Feb 14, Birger's Ragtime Band was founded in April 3rd, with the mission to play traditional New Orleans jazz in all its forms like ragtime, gospels, marches, blues namely, everything that matters in traditional New Orleans jazz.

Charlotta Spears Bass, née Charlotta Spears, (born OctoberSumter, S.C., U.S.—died April 12,Los Angeles, Calif.), American editor and civil rights activist whose long career was devoted to aggressively publicizing and combating racial inequality. Charlotta Amanda Bass () Newspaper publisher-editor, civil rights activist.

A Look Back at When a Black, Female Newspaper Editor Took on the KKK in L.A.

Bass was born in Sumter, South Carolina on February 14, She relocated to California in for health. Charlotta Spears Bass was an influential black woman who owned a newspaper and used it to fight for issues that affected African-Americans in the first half of the 20th century.

Charlotta bass
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